Personal Training


Individual Personal Training:
Want to get stronger? Increase muscle size and decrease fat? We will develop a program designed to help you meet you individual goals. Programs will be held in one of our studios and will include traditional weight training and cardio activities in addition to circuit/interval training and creative exercises with TRX apparatus, balls, bands, ropes, and much more. Longer sessions include more cardio in addition to extra strength and flexibility training.  

45-55 minute session: $60
30 minute session: $35

Discounted Packages for longer-term training:

3 session "try it out" pack (new clients only) $125 ($55 discount)
8 sessions: $440 ($40 discount)
12 sessions: $640 ($80 discount)
16 sessions: $800 ($160 discount)
18 sessions: $900 ($180 discount)
24 sessions: $1175 ($264 discount)

TRX Training:
Want to learn to use your new TRX Suspension Trainer? Or just want the benefits of TRX without the rest of the class? We can create programs for you to use at home with your own equipment or take you through personalized TRX training sessions here in studio.

Introduction to your New Suspension Trainer: $200 - includes 4 45 minute sessions & 4 take-home programs (printed + electronic copies)

TRX-based Personal Training: see Personal Training rates above.
Small Group Training:
Group training is for 2-3 clients working out simultaneously and with similar programs. I will develop a 4-6 week program based on the group's overall goals, factoring in individual priorities as well. Groups must sign up for at least two 55 minutes sessions / week for a minimum of one month and must attend their sessions together. 

$32/person/session for 2 clients at a time.
$25/person/session for 3 clients at a time.

You may inquire about pricing for bigger groups. I can give you class pricing, which will be significantly discounted.

Individual Personal Training in YOUR Home:
Individual programs tailored to your goals plus the environment at your home. All you need is an open space. I will bring apparatus necessary in order to provide a complete, full body workout every time.

Price varies according to drive time and needs.

Small Group Training in YOUR Home:
$35/person/session for 2 or 3 people.
Subject to modification depending on drive time and needs.