Small Group Classes

Small Group Training Classes: 

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Midmorning Mix n’ Match Classes

Please read: this is more than your average group fitness class at a big box gym:

The mid-morning group tends to knit together, so come for the workout AND the group therapy. Lots of laughter and occasional tears often accompany these sessions. But the friendships you build will hold you accountable for showing up to meet the challenge of this complete program!

DrumFIT®: DrumFIT is a cardio drumming program which uses drumsticks, a fitness ball, and easy choreography set to fun music to enhance your mind and body! Pound away your stresses as you follow along with routines that have no learning curve while your heart rate skyrockets into your cardio and peak zones. You’re guaranteed to laugh in our judgment-free zone.

Lift: 30 minutes of progressive basic strength training and corrective exercise. This class is low-impact and low-intensity, with the focus on strength training moves using dumbbells and body weight. We will focus on using good form to progressively overload the muscles, building strength and correcting any muscular imbalances. Clients will track their strength gains with daily logs.
Restore: Relax, restore, and rejuvenate your sore muscles. We’ll use foam rollers, massage balls, yoga straps, and more to release, lengthen, and activate the muscles and surrounding fascia.
TRX® Boot Camp: This 45-minute class uses the TRX® Suspension Training System as well as additional small apparatus to work your entire body, enhancing strength, flexibility, balance, and core stability.  This system, developed by a Navy SEAL, includes attention to upper & lower body, core, & cardiovascular metabolic conditioning to burn up your body like nothing else! Class size is limited to 9 people.

Pedal: Small Group Indoor Cycling! Using our state of the art spinning computers in conjunction with our StarTrac spin® bikes, you can monitor your heart rate, RPMs, and calories burned to get a better of sense of how hard you’re working as we take you through 50 minutes of steady state rides, sprints, intervals, and more.  Class size is limited to 8 people, so be sure to sign up for your bike early! 

HIIT: Cardio, Core & More:  An evolved High Intensity Training Class. Using the newest and best available scientific principles of work versus recovery, we’ll spend time actively recovering and working at a max of 90% intensity. Plyometric training (jumping/high-impact) is an option in this class, but it is not a requirement for you to get all you need. Agility, strength, cardio HIIT, balance and core work are the foundations of this class.
Turn & Burn Cycling Circuits: Small Group Indoor Cycling with a twist! Rather than try to pump iron while riding a bike (can you say head injury???!), we offer a strength circuit program interspersed among sessions of intense cycling.  Though the timing of the circuits versus the rides may vary, you should expect to be in the saddle for at least 35-45 minutes and strength training for 10-15. Class size is limited to 8 people.

Instructor’s Choice Fridays will be announced each Monday on our PFLH Members Only Facebook Page and may include TRX Suspension Training, Boot Camp-Style Workouts, Gadget-Specific Workouts, or:
MOTR Pilates: A 55-minute class which utilizes the Balanced Body MOTR, which is rather like a portable Pilates reformer. The class is low-impact but intense as we encourage the entire body to become stronger and tighter. Come prepared to sweat and burn as we move through the muscle groups, never forgetting the core. Please wear grippy socks or bare feet.

Barre: Our Barre classes fuse ballet, yoga, and Pilates with an athletic coaching style to tone your body, relieve stress, and aid in balance and stability.  A dynamic warm up prepares you for intense muscle work.  Our Standing Strength segment tones your major upper and lower body muscle groups, and the burn is complete during our Floor Work segment which targets the core. Please wear grippy socks or bare feet.

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