Happy Clients

"I've been avoiding stairs for years because of some old knee issues. I was recently on a castle tour with a warning that the 75-minutes included 320 steps, both up and down. I climbed another hill and inside a tower the next day. I had zero knee pain. Mallory’s strength training has made my legs stronger, taking pressure off my knees. She will also tell how I initially told her that I wouldn’t be able to do leg lifts. Ha! Oh, and my arms are stronger too." Maria Halkias, journalist at the Dallas Morning News

"With a very premature baby, I didn't have the option of working out at the gym during my maternity leave and was desperate to regain my sanity.  Positively Fit and the option for in-home personal training in a clean, quite atmosphere that was safe for my daughter was a saving grace for me. Mallory customized individual workouts (and music) for my high-energy tempo and challenged me every session.  Both my husband and mother complimented me on my post-baby body...which is huge.  Since we cannot afford personal training sessions indefinitely, I have signed up for TRX group classes and quit my gym membership.  I love Positively Fit!"  Chanda Brashears, working mother of two

"I'm so glad that I found Positively Fit Lake Highlands.  The small group classes cater to all levels of fitness and the instructors are very motivating and enthusiastic.  They do a great job of mixing things up to keep me coming back week after week!  The TRX classes have improved my core strength like nothing else I've tried." Pam Fusella, Moss Haven Area  

"I've always been one to have a gym membership. I'd go, maybe take a class or do a machine, thinking I was doing a great thing but finding out  later that I was never truly pushing myself. Then I won a gift certificate to Positively Fit. I was excited to try something new but really had no idea what to expect. Well, I've been a very happy client for about a year and a half now. Mallory has made me enjoy working out. Plus she pushes me to a level that I never could do alone at the gym. Additionally, the gym is BORING! I look forward to seeing my new friends at Positively fit who are just like me... a mom wanting to stay in shape and have FUN doing it! And with so much variety, there's always something new to try. :)" Laura Johnson, Merriman Park Elementary Mom

"Positively Fit Lake Highlands has become my home in the early hours of the morning. It offers a variety of classes with my favorite being TRX. It is an amazing full body workout that continues to challenge me even after a year of doing it. I love the results and the way I feel after I work out. I owe it all to Mallory and Ann Marie for their positive attitudes and great personalities. They make working out fun!!!" Sarah Sutton, Merriman Park Elementary Mom

"I have advanced arthritis in both knees and spine. Mallory was able to customize a workout for me that didn't strain my legs and back but gave me an excellent workout. This is the first time I have been able to stick with something because I am moving in a positive direction and not set back with injuries from a cookie cutter workout. Thanks Mallory and PFLH!!!" Susan Kaufman, Baton Rouge, LA

"Mallory was my first personal trainer after baby Mae. I started with 30 minute sessions and have increased the personal training to an hour twice a week. I’m a working mom so time is valuable and I get strength and cardio in one hour sessions. Some weeks of life are exhausting so I need the encouragement and push from Mallory to keep staying strong. For the first time in my life, my body feels toned and fit." Laura Edwards, Moss Haven Mom

"...the most unexpected surprise of 2011 was starting boot camp classes. A friend mentioned Mallory's classes to me and I joined up. I thought I'd go to a class or two just for fun - something to switch up my routine. I had no idea that Mallory and her classes would change my life! I have never felt stronger, more confident or more hopeful about what lies ahead. And I believe that my recent mental shift is directly related to my classes with Mallory at Positively Fit Lake Highlands. Boot camp has made me positively fit, positively happy and positively beautiful inside and out." Sarah Greenman, Skyview Elementary Mom

"As we approach six months of working together I wanted to say thanks. For years I have known that I needed to do something about my sedentary lifestyle, but due to a busy daily routine of work, family and everything else I always found a way to convince myself that I would start next Monday. I was too busy to start right now. Now, six months after I first saw your initial PFLH ad in the school's PTA directory I find myself three suits sizes smaller and seven inches off of my waistline. Most importantly I feel better than I have in many years -- I am sleeping better and have more energy throughout every day. I appreciate you working with me and my wife, Janet. For years I was certainly guilty of thinking I just needed to get up and go for a run....no need for a trainer. Guys don't need maps and they certainly do not need trainers. You know, kind of the "MAN UP!" mentality. However, it never happened and once I quit kidding myself and sought you out I began a wonderful process of making better choices for myself (and, as a result, for my family). Thanks for your consistent perspective on living healthy and making incremental progress. Although it took me much longer than six months to get so unhealthy, I am very encouraged at how much I have improved in these six months." Greg Duval, Forest Meadow Junior High Dad 

"Mallory and I have been working out together for several months. Before that, I had tried it all: aerobics classes, light weights, machines, the elliptical, swimming, you name it. I never really made any progress, but now I’ve lost 20 pounds and am 3 sizes smaller! Mallory’s workouts, boot camps, and resistance runs are fantastic. They are different each time, so you never get bored. And Mallory herself is the perfect blend of instructor and cheerleader, yet you never feel yelled at or threatened. It's a great way to start looking great." Pam Louvier, Moss Haven Elementary Mom

"Positively Fit is a fantastic way take care of yourself with a great workout! I used to try to go for walks on my own, but easily found excuses to put it off. I also found I was never pushing myself as much as I could be. Knowing Mallory and the group are expecting me to show up gives me the incentive to make my workout happen. Mallory keeps each workout new and interesting so that I'm never bored and always working a new muscle I'd forgotten was there." Brandy Lee Meierhofer, Moss Haven Elementary Mom

"I love Positively Fit's Boot Camp class! It is so energizing! Mallory is encouraging and challenges each person according to their abilities! I am getting in great shape and having fun!" Tiffany Wilkins, Lake Highlands Junior High and High School Mom